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Top Party Planning and Event Rentals Company in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC

Tiki To You is a professional event planning and party rental company serving Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. With over a decade of professional experience, the Tiki To You team consists of top-notch hospitality and event planning experts, whose focus is to ensure your next event or party is seamless, successful and memorable.

The team consists of hospitality and event experts from various backgrounds including event planning and management, restaurant and bar management and professional bartenders and event staff. No matter how big or small your special event needs are, our event planners will ensure your beverage, décor, music and bartending needs are taken care of from start to finish.

Providing Top Notch Event Planning Services For Over A Decade Throughout the Mid-Atlantic

Owner and founder Julie Birney, created Tiki To You in order to fulfill a growing need for professional beverage and bar service during special events and parties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Having received numerous requests for outdoor events, festivals, weddings, charity and sporting events, Julie realized event planners and hosts needed more than a few bartenders and tables in order to provide outstanding beverage service to event attendees.

Having over three decades of professional bartending experience, Julie set out to design mobile bar units that came fully equipped with 360 degree bar access, frozen drink machines, draft beer taps, surround sound, décor and all the necessary elements to service events large and small. The bar units were also designed to go anywhere and everywhere. From large fields and backyards to bayside weddings and concert venues, the mobile bar rentals can go just about anywhere you can hold an event.

Tiki To You was founded in 2001 is proud to continue serving special events and parties throughout Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. Be sure to read our page of testimonials to see what our clients say about the service provided by Tiki To You!

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